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JANUARY episode of Super Chat for West Washington Schools

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  1. sarah e says:

    Hi my name is Sarah and I go to this school. I am in the drama club but I am in the christmas play. If this matters at all, I love this school so much. Right now I am at the end of the school day packing up to leave and we are watching a dodge-ball game. You should convince our superintendent Keith Nance to let us do dodge-ball more often. In the elementary we played dodge-ball every friday. You should tell him to let us play dodge-ball every two weeks on a friday. thanks

  2. bobbie says:

    Stacey did a wonderful job presenting all the information for our students in regards to career choices. Being new to the guidance department I must say she is a quick learner and very motivated. I see her as being very beneficial to our students in their endeavors for their future. Stacey is a nice fit here at WW and we are glad to have her.

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