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JANUARY episode of Super Chat

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  1. terri h says:

    The podcast is a good idea. We will listen absolutely.

  2. richard f says:

    Excellent way to inform parents. When will this start ?

  3. jason h says:

    very cool

  4. linda g says:

    We learned some new things. Thank you.

  5. pam b says:

    Great program! Special thank you to the United Way of Daviess County for bringing this much needed program to our community.

  6. peg S says:

    LeAnn a great job

  7. peg s says:

    another good job mark

  8. j m says:

    Neat idea… I enjoy your super chat topics and information!

  9. peg s says:

    Another great program being initiated.

  10. neil m says:

    Very informative podcast on the Work Ethics Program (WEP). Thank you. Many of the qualities that are necessary for a student to succeed in landing and keeping a good job are emphasized in NJROTC. Teamwork, punctuality, proper dress/hygiene and respectful and courteous behavior. With regard to ‘at-risk’ students, WCS could use the data already residing in Harmony and sorted via the Early Warning Information Management System (EWIMS) to ID those students who need to bolster their performance and classroom attendance records if they wish to have a chance to compete in the job market post-graduation. Is that the criteria for selection for the program? Hopefully the new program will included Time Management, Interviewing Skills, Business Etiquette, and other lessons as it is implemented. I would think an APPRENTICESHIP program would be essential part of a businesses partnership in WEP too.

  11. peg s says:

    So proud of Mary and Austin – Great job

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