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  1. jeff c says:

    Could not agree with this more.

  2. anthony k says:

    To my way of thinking this is far too radical.

  3. charlie m says:

    I think we need a plan. This is a good message all Masons should hear. We have to get things moving before our fraternity doesn’t have any future at all. Whats keeping us from it?

  4. allen b says:

    I’m not placing any judgment on the speaker or his message, but his plan for the Scottish Rite Valleys is absolutely profound.

  5. steve r says:

    The speaker must be invited back. Good and timely message.

  6. dennis a says:

    Our beloved fraternity is unable to do what the speaker recommends. Multiple reasons I predict it will not happen.

  7. william t says:

    Who knows how many masonic speeches I’ve heard throughout my many years in the fraternity. Many pleas were made for change by our officers or leaders. This speech is fisrt in my memory because it offers a good plan of action. Maybe we should try it. Thank you.

  8. paul n says:

    I doubt his plan will get acted upon by Supreme Council.

  9. tim k says:

    Smart ideas.

  10. steven t says:

    How are plans coming with this change?

  11. richard o says:

    Our valleys could get together on this. I vote we try these fresh ideas.

  12. michael w says:

    Have a collection of questions and would appreciate more information.

  13. fred s says:

    This is over my head. Sounds extreme to me.

  14. lester h says:

    Good grief. When will change come?

  15. steven t says:

    Who is directing these changes? I trust somebody will post information here so we know whats going on.

  16. kevin h says:

    Good stuff. Count this brother in!!!!

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